• Oscar Leal se estrena como Dj productor con su primer single “Who we are” feat Sela


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Advertising agent, Merchant and Professional Disc- Jockey for over 30 years. In his beginnings as most Disc-Jockeys he started working at a very young age in different night clubs in Miami, Central and South America and Caracas.


Pioneer of Vinyl mixes he made the first “Merengue” Mix Record in Venezuela with the record company RODVEN and 22 other records with different record labels both national and international. All with the record company “Magic Records” His most recent recordings are with the Sony Record Company


Director and founder of the first DJ Booking Company in Venezuela; DJ SERVICE, that takes care of musical ambience and animation in the most important events of the elites in Venezuela, Miami, Panama and Dominican Republic.


He was one of the hosts and conductor of a weekly television program named “PURA PAJA” transmitted Fridays from 11.45 am till 12.45 am on channel 4 (VENEVISION) in Venezuela, where besides creating the incidental music for the different segments of the program he interviewed different personalities of the musical world. This program was transmitted not only in Venezuela but on different channels abroad through DIRECT TV, HIS CO-HOST WAS Anabelle Blum a widely known presenter and animator in Venezuela and internationally.


Another important aspect of his activities has been the musical ambience of Fashion Shows which requires a very accurate perception of the musical needs of the of recognized nationally and internationally designers such as : ANGEL SANCHEZ, RAENRRA, HUGO ESPINA, DURANT &DIEGO, TOMMY HILFIGER, BCBG, MAYELA CAMCHO, CASABLANCE, CAROL GINTER, BLUES, CARLOS BENGUIGUI, and Bathing Suits FIZ, LAFAYETTE BLUES have put in his hands the challenge of the musical ambience of their creations and he has been at their side in different moments of national and world fashion.

The important “MISS VENEZUELA “organization and various of their beauty  contests have also required his participation in the musical selection of the most prominent beauty event in Venezuela with international projection.

The presence of DJ OSCAR LEAL has accompanied the launching of prestigious international brands such as:

SIEMMENS, TELCEL, MOVISTAR, MOVILNET, EVIAN, JOHNNIE WALKER (in all its versions),MOET&CHANDON,  ABSOLUT, CACIQUE, CUERVO, POLAR, SONY (music, electronics, entertainment, television), AXN, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, WARNER CHANNEL, among other brands

With and ample career as a professional working at important locations worldwide recognized nationally and internationally as the pioneer of vinyl mixes OSCAR LEAL decides to launch the theme “WHO WE ARE”, which tops the DJ singles list  and it’s looking to conquer the public with its catching rhythm full of Commercial Progressiveness

The stages of great events always have the presence of OSCAR LEAL, who besides being an inspiration to the new generations of DJ´S, he has become an obligated reference when it comes to parties and good music. With more than 30 years in the musical industry and opening space in his very busy presentation agenda, this Advertising agent, Merchant and professional DISC-JOCKEY is making his first steps as a producer with the progressive house theme that counts with the versatility of the Venezuelan singer SELA.

Inspired in Venezuela and with the intention of highlighting all the good things this land has to offer Oscar and Sela compose “Who We Are”, “This song shows the Venezuela we want for our children”, the Venezuela we grew up in and that we want to conserve forever.  Sela is an excellent singer with a great experience and is the perfect voice for this first single which I am sure will have a great receptiveness with the public in and out of our borders expresses the Dj.

Director and founder of DJ Service the first DJ booking company in Venezuela and also being one the principal entertainers in Venezuela for opening massive International Shows, this talented Venezuelan DJ  never stops working and simultaneously prepares his second single which will be his first musical production. He carries out continuous presentations in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Colombia.


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